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Confidence in the present
Security in the future

Angola Prev is the main Angolan company in the Social Security sector and the only one that has full technological knowledge in this activity.

The Biggest Social Security Company of Angola

Headquartered in Luanda, Angola Prev is also present in all the provinces of Angola and works in partnership with important official institutions.

The focus of Angola Prev is the design and implementation of Social Security projects and programs by using the latest technological and management tools, as well as the integration and development of solutions to improve customer service.

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The Importance of Social Security

Providing the population with security after their retirement from professional activities and lifelong care is the main objective of a good Social Security System.

Tailoring social policies to the characteristics of the population in each location is a critical step for management based on socioeconomic development, sustainability, equity and modernisation of institutions.

Serving our Citizens

We design integrated solutions and implement programs to guarantee the socioeconomic development of the Angolan Social Security system, the adequate and efficient service to its users and the security and tranquillity of pensioners when they retire.

Integrated Knowledge

We have full technological knowledge in the Social Security sector.

Trusted Partner

We have the talent, tools and partners to build from scratch, modernise and qualify Social Security systems in any country.

Gerson Nascimento

“During the operations of Angola Prev, we are very pleased that we can see not only the improvement in the efficiency and the modernisation implemented for the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) of Angola, but we can also observe the impact of these works on the evolution of the Institute's results. In addition, I can mention a few examples, such as the number of workers enrolled with the INSS, which grew by more than 400% in the period, the number of corporate taxpayers, which increased by 1500%, and the number of people served as pensioners, at a rate higher than 400%. These are numbers that make us proud! A dignifying work for one of the most important assets of the Angolan population and an example of competence and efficiency for African countries”.

Gerson Nascimento
Angola Prev Managing Director