Angola Prev and the National Institute of Social Security have partnered in order to face the double challenge of the constant modernisation and expansion of the Compulsory Social Protection System, based on a set of projects in the fields of Social Security, Human Capital, Administration, Finance, Information Technology and Telecommunications.

It is essential not only to consolidate ongoing measures but also to introduce new measures aimed at ensuring the revenue increase of the Compulsory Social Protection Management Entity, thereby ensuring the success of the process.

The continuity of the Extended Social Security Sustainability and Management Plan - Extended PSGSS offers concrete and effective answers to the current challenges faced by the National Institute of Social Security, arising from the socio-economic panorama of the country and the programmatic vision for Social Security in the future. It is also a proposal that is perfectly aligned with the strategy and vision of the Executive Power to promote the growth, development and competitiveness of the Angolan national economy.

The Plan structuring advances around key pillars that integrate a set of projects, for which dedicated teams and highly skilled professionals in Social Security, Management, Human Capital, Finance, Accounting, Processes, Information Technologies and Telecommunications are made available.