Angola Prev has presented significant advances in the provision of services to the National Institute of Social Security of Angola through the Social Security Sustainability and Management Plan (PSGSS) regarding the modernisation process of the Social Security System, based on projects dedicated to human capital, administration and finance, information technology and telecommunications.


The PSGSS was the key instrument for the operation of the Social Security Quality and Sustainability Program.


The PSGSS performance was carried out by a dedicated team of Angola Prev, working together with the National Institute of Social Security, in a continuous on-job knowledge transfer program involving thousands of training hours. The INSS technical staff monitors the performance of projects and identifies potential risks and the best alternatives for action, thus enabling effective management in all Institutional areas.


Knowledge transfer to the National Institute of Social Security staff members was a priority of this project. Hence, Angola Prev devised its own training structure, with the participation of international experts from various sectors and included the provision of overseas training to members of the INSS administration, an action to train these professionals in the applicable techniques and solutions, and in the capabilities that such a relevant Institution needs in order to face the most challenging issues.